The 2010 Emirates-Yemen War was a short conflict in 2010 between Yemen and the United Emirates, a part of the wider Emirates War on Terror.


In the early 2000s Al-Qaeda began to operate in Yemen, coordinating attacks into the Emirates from within the south and from Yemen. The Emirates government requested help from the Yemeni Government, but Ali Abdullah Saleh did nothing in respect. Emirates forces began to lead counterattacks into the south and sometimes into Yemen itself.The Emirates and Yemeni governments got into arguments in June 2010 and were mobilizing for war. On July 11 Saleh gave a speech declaring war.


Yemeni forces began their attack by invading the Emirates and heading towards Salalah. Soon they were met by Emirates troops and were pushing them back (it was later reveled that AMTACT forces were aiding the Emirates). Emirates troops pushed back the Yemenis and in 6 days were in Al Mukalla.

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