Thiserata is the third planet in the Thissik System. The capital of the powerful galactic political union, the Thiseratan Brotherhood, an almagation of Thiserata's six sentient races. Thiserata is undoutably one of the major centres of trade and politics in the Milky Way, forged by the great empires of the races of Thiserata expanding out into the stars and founding many colonies, thousands of years before the discovery of Earth in 1778AA (After Almagation) or 2020EY. 

Thiserata's ecosystem had alsmot been destroyed by the six races' industrial advancement before almagation, however was restored to its former glory through terraforming technologies by 1570AA. Following terraforming Thiserata became a lush world once again, with restrictions put inplace by the Brotherhood, while industry and resource mining took place on other worlds to fully conserve the six race's homeworld. Thiserata is now mostly set aside for Brotherhood politics, religious significance, top level business and culture and history of the six races.

Thiserata is a large planet by galactic standards, (roughly 20 times the diameter of Earth), the planet has six moons most of which have been terraformed and serve as resource generators for anything from food, to energy production which is transported to the immaculate planet below. 

Astrology and Geography







A bipedal feline humanoid race, the Vocath are native to the grassy and warm region of Vocathia. The Vocath had not developed far past a complex technologically-able tribal society when almagation came, however many had given up tribal life to blend further into Parnithian culture. The Vocath however are renowned warriors, with many enrolled in the defensive forces of the Brotherhood and Law Enforcement. 

The Vocath are a mono-gender race, a gender that resembles the male form in humans, the Vocath reproduce through the use of parthenogenesis. 


A bipedal reptilian humanoid race, the Ypalion are native to the Ypalo of Thiserata. The Ypalion were regarded as the most technologically advanced race before almagation, using biotechnological implants far more than other races, and Ypalion scientists being the minds behind terraforming technology and faster than light drives. Despite this, the Ypalion were not seen as the most powerful race before almagation, this title was awarded to the Parnithians. 

The Ypalion are a hairless species, and have a light green complexion, with markings on their heads, known as Yval, which are specific to gene pools, also known as Yvalpan, which work similar to clans. 


See Also:  Thiserata is a diverse world of cultures from the planet's six sentient races which have since almagated, however have been able to protect their own cultural heritage from cultural integration. Thiserata has a mix of religions from its different cultures, with different ideals, however many worship nature, which had contributed to the restoration of the planet. 

Flora and Fauna

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