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Thought Magic

With thought based magic, or pensamagia, the spell is activated automatically based on thoughts or emotions the spell can track. Examples include a thought to unlock a door, a thought spell to take control of another’s mind, a spell that summons a whirlwind when the user gets angry, a spell that haunts a person’s mind and gives them hallucinations, etc. Emotions and simplier thoughts are easier to track for this purpose. The thoughts or emotions are converted into spells by an interpretation enchantment (charmase) for words, called a pensase. Mental commands may be untrustworthy since the thought can strip ahead of one's intentions, potentially causing harm to one’s allies for example. However thought magic works faster than dictation magic, and does not require that a person be physically capable of moving or speaking, which can be useful for getting out of a tricky situation. Thought magic is the pinnacle of casting methods and is also the most complex.

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