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Vega planet
Language Adren
Population 5 billion
Currency Ell
Tigra is a booming planet in the Vega Stelar System. It is the second away from the star Vega, the first being the small mining planet Chindor. It has two large moons, Wabos, and Gayjo. Tigra is widely known for its supply of warp drive fuel discovered in the 22nd century.


The geography of Tigra is relatively simple, due to the two moons causing greater tides that soften the coastline. There are two continents connected by the Firirki Island chain.


Durone is the northmost of the two island, and the one with the most warp drive fuel. It is the smaller of the two continents, but the most populate, having around 4 billion residents. The continent used to be more lushous before humans came.

On the north end, there's Duroni bay, which is fed by the Durono river system, which flows south to north.


X'jiceq is the largest and least populated of the two. It holds the planetary south pole past the Zundran Mountains. Its long peninsula reached out to the Firirki Islands. Temperate forests cover most of the peninsula.

The Lake

The lake on the peninsula was not naturally formed that way. Over thousands of Tigran years, the natives shaped the lake into an immense water temple and city complex.

It should be noted that the water in the lake is connected to the ocean, thanks to the swampy nature of the region.

Inhabitants and Demographics

The five billion on the planet are not all human settlers who came over from Earth. There are three sentient species on the planet: the human settlers, typically either american or chinese; the crab-people (or Vran, as they refer to themselves), who can be further divided into two subspecies (the northerners, and the southerners); the Zundrans, who live in a strict cultural hierarchy, and can only be found exclusively in the blockade they established around the south pole to hard its secrets; along with many half-breeds who don't make up a large part of most surveys, due to norms stating that they're degenerates, with exception to the Firirki Islands. And, in recent years, as the planet has become more integrated with the galactic community at large, various other species from large empires, like the Federation of the Ru, and the Cundrun Empire, have arrived in small numbers.

Species Subspecies Percentage of Population
Humans Homo Sapiens Sapiens 60%
Vran Northerners 5%
Southerners 15%
Zundrans Insufficient Data 18% (estimated)
Other n/a 2%

Inter-species mixes in surveys

Mixes aren't a signifigant demographic so we'll be excluding most. Though it should be noted, in the Firirki Islands, there is a large camp, known as Halfland, of exclusively mixed beings, established to be a refuge to such ostracized and vulnerable members of society.