The timezone in Ármagia used to be the same the timezone used in the United Kingdom until the Ármagian independence on September 30, 1945.

On post-indepence, the time is an hour behind GMT with the summer time at GMT±0. It has changed that way because back in the earliest years of Ármagia, the people chose nighttime as the best time for celebrating in feasts and festivals and it still happens to this present day.

But there has been concerns over the use of their own timezone. It caused more accidents to children in the winter & school had to be finished at 3pm and children walk home to as late as 4pm when the sun already set between mid November and early January. With those concerns, the government established plans to cut the number of accidents by letting children start and finish school one hour earlier.

There have been rumours recently that Ármagia's original timezone will be changed again to a timezone used in the United Kingdom but the President, Hálvin Wiktórsórg, said that the timezone will not be changed possibly until the end of his 4-year term in September 2014.

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