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Traveling between different points in time is simply known as time travel. Long thought to be completely impossible, time travel, in terms of the known universe, was first practiced by the Earthen humans Preston Weathers and Markus Hinden in 2846.


  • 2846: Weathers and Hinden, both physicists for the Earth Empire's defunct EarthGov, are able to simply look into different times in the past (from roughly 50 AD onward) by using the Haruki Effect (extracting data from subatomic matter). Although it was by that time long considered possible to extract visual images from subatomic matter, Weathers and Hinden were the first to actually do it.
    • These events are immediately classified and only used by and for EarthGov.
  • 2931: TimeViewing is declassified however with heavy filters, including that users are not able to look at any event which took place within the last 500 years. Thus, the public can view anything from roughly 50-2431 AD.
  • 2986: Doctor Lee Jenkins is able to send a grain of sand one second back in time, only discovering that the grain of sand was already present at the location before being sent back.
  • 2987: Dr. Jenkins concludes his assessment of the event. The Rule of Predestination is created. "Whatever has happened, will happen, is happening and will never change."
  • 3011: The Rule of Predestination is disproved when Doctor Agnes Lindstrom is able to cause her mother's death before giving birth. Dr. Lindstrom, her mother and all relatives descendant from her vanish from existence - only their memory remains. Time travel is designated a threat to the stability of the universe and outlawed for use by non-EarthGov scientists. Lindstrom's Rule of Predestination is created.
  • 3028: Dr. Richard Mgluli is able to travel back in time and return to the Current Actual Time (CAT) safely. TimeViewing proves Mgluli traveled back in time during the Past Actual Time, validating some elements of the original Rule of Predestination.
  • 3030: Attempting to conclude which provisions of the Rule of Predestination apply, Mgluli travels into the past and deliberately causes the invention of the computer to never take place. The First Time Holocaust occurs, with billions of people vanishing from existence.
    • Scientists were able to restore the computer within three days.
  • 3031: Time travel is effectively banned from use, with the exception of the most senior scientists throughout the Empire. All instances of travel must be severely monitored by other scientists and officials.
    • Both Rules of Predestination are scraped and replaced by the Simmons Rule of Time Travel.
  • 3156: Again is released to the public with approval from the UEF EarthGov. Again uses the Multiple Concurrent Differences (MCD) rule, which means every time a user travels back in time, a new timeline is created. However, Again's MCD rule effectively creates an "artificial" new timeline, meaning said timeline's inhabitants weren't, aren't and never will be real, but rather carbon copies of Actual Time.
    • Again sparks massive controversy throughout the galaxy.

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