This is the page for the timeline of Pangam-Pangat. All members can put events that occurred within their civilizations here.

Before 2000p

Year Event
c 6500p Yo nomads settle on the Ahuynog Peninsula for the first time. They grow oats and herd sheep. Permanent houses are constructed from hide and pine wood.
c 5200p The Khug people enter the Ahuynog peninsula. They bring ability to cut down large trees with stones and create decorated pottery.
c4800p The ancestors of the modern Astré tribe arrive on the South Cadian subcontinent from the Midcadian Deserts around this time.
c4400p Ancestors of the modern Kunmé tribe, the Kunmooen, land on South Cadia from the Hosu Islands to the north.
c 4000p Nomadic Yngbo people sail across the water from northeast Thietia. They are a nomadic fishing culture along the coasts, and have an extensive knowledge of astronomy.
c 3600p The Yngbo develop pottery with geometric art. Some evidence of whale hunting exists. There is evidence that they traded with the native Yo and Khug people.
c 2700p Yngbo fishing villages are built on the coasts of the Ahuynog Peninsula and several islands.
c 2450p The Yngbo create gold artifacts for the first time. They also begin to move inland.
c 2230p Hogoong is founded as the capital of the Hogoonese empire by Emperor Hiktolagyol.
2183p Emperor Piyungpleo takes power and introduces the Hogoonese calendar. He also introduces a writing system for Tongiva based on earlier Khug leaf scripts and a code of law.
c2150p The first permanent settlements are established in the Taruang Plains in central Cadia.
2140p The Hogoonese Empire covers the Ahoyneg Peninsula. It trades with nearby island cities.
c2133p A severe drought in Taruang forces the inhabitants to migrate. One group establishes in the southwestern forests, at the banks of Qulaw River. Another one establishes at a higher altitude, at the lakefront of Polcaruz Lake.
c2100p Holy texts describe the appearance of Metar to Pesha nomads at the site of the Temple of the Spirit in Peshalim, which leads to the beginnings of Metariism.
c2060p The first High Theologic Council is convened at Peshalim to guide and unify the practice of Metar's teachings amongst Metari faithful.
2050p The Temple of the Spirit is first completed in Peshalim. In its original form, it is constructed from ceremoniously carved wood and precious stones.
2048 Kitalen from throughout South Cadia gather in Peshalim to convene the first Kitalen Council, a body under the High Theologians, to represent the interests of individual tribes and city-states in the Kital.
2046p According to legend, gunpowder was first used by the Khug people to celebrate a victory over the Yngbo.
c2020p The Twenty Years War amongst the southern tribes of South Cadia begins, ending in the defeat of the Atikki and Astré at the hands of the Iria and Qoghangw.

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