Here follows the timeline of the year 2012 in the New Era. The exact day of the month is required within your post for it to take any effect on the game. See format:

  • Day: Happening.



  • June 1: The Greater Korean Republic detonates its first nuclear weapon at the Kamatcha Test Site, and is observed by officials in an bunker.
    • While the Independent States recognizes the GKR's sovereign right to posses and use nuclear weapons, the federal government officially requests the Korean government to give notice before testing or using any weapons of mass destruction.
  • June 10: Controversy sweeps through Dakota as the Religious Freedom Amendment to the state's constitution is due to appear on the ballot. [1]
  • June 11: The University of Matagorda City's Department of Sciences releases its first journal of science. A notable inclusion in the journal is how the universe came to be, being labeled as "debatable." Several doctorate students have since said they wish for society to get over the science vs. religion debacle. This move by the university has inspired several Representatives, mostly religious, to pass a bill banning any further research in the area of how the universe was formed.
    • The United Commonwealths condemns certain Representatives' proposal to ban any further research into the beginning of the universe, stating that it is banning humans right to know their origins, and ruining it for non-christians in the country.
    • The Roman Catholic Church, not pleased by the discontinuity of research of human origins released an statement from the Vatican's Observatory, "God, in his his most powerful self gave us life, the spark to make us human, to think, to explore. God created the larger mystery for our physical shell, our material world, for us to seek out and discover what else he created, what else we can enjoy together. Don't stop in your studies, just think if Galileo decided to quit due to sensitive feelings. "
  • June 22: Former North Korean dictator, Kim Jong-il, is tried by an Korean Military Tribunal in the face of human rights violation and threats to other nations (both nuclear and non-nuclear).
  • June 24: The United Commonwealths government begins testing of a new SDI system.
  • June 25: A lesbian teen couple is attacked and one killed in a Portland, Texas park. Expecting a delayed local law enforcement investigation, the Governor has called for the Texas Ranger Division to take over the case. [2]
  • June 26: Former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak faced trial today against his defiance of human rights during his 30 year presidency, which ended in 2009. He was found guilty of the murder of peaceful protestors in 2009, during the 2009 Egyptian Revolution. He has been sentenced to life inprisonment.
  • June 27: Seoul Police arrested three teenagers (their names not released due to being underage) after an attempted hack against the Korean National Bank was traced back to the teen's home and police stormed the house and arrested the two at 9:10pm local time. The arrest was part of the Greater Korean's War on Terror, which targest domestic and foreign terrorists, drug dealers, hackers, etc.
  • June 29: Antonio Buehler, who faced 10 years in prison for photographing two police officers allegedly abusing a women on New Year's Eve has been released from custody earlier today after President Timmberson personally pardoned him. The President then ordered the Attorney General to start an official investigation into the corresponding situation. [3]
    • President Sang Isuel of the Greater Korean Republic praises Antonio Buehler for doing the right thing and also praises Mac Timmberson for pardoning them.


  • July 1: Southern Sudan invades the Eastern Sahara administrated Abyei Area, causing armed conflict in the area.
  • July 4: Citizens living in the Independent States Proper region of the Independent States celebrate the original independence of the United States of America, which existed for over 200 years. Although citizens in American Canada and Baja California have no ancestral binding to the date, they have taken part in celebrations of one of the most important dates in the history of the Independent States of America.
  • July 6: The Independent States House of Representatives officially declares that under Independent States law, UN General Comment No. 34, Article 19-48 is to not be recognized or applicable on citizens of the AS. Article 19-48, sometimes called the "Human Right to Blaspheme," essentially labels the prohibition of blasphemy as an act against freedom of speech and expression. Blasphemy, which became illegal in the Independent States in 2010, however, is labeled as hate speech.
  • July 6: The National Assembly of the Greater Korean Republic has voted unanmiously to declare war against South Sudan in support of East Sahara. The Greater Korean Army has deployed 2,000 men to assist its friends overseas.
  • July 11: Southern Sudanese forces were pushed back to the border, but heavy fighting at the border has been reported, reinforcements from the Eastern Sahara and Turkey will reach the border this evening.
  • July 11: The Greater Korean Republic has imposed strict immigration quarters on the Chinese-Korean border, effectively closing its border to Chinese refugees. Secretary of States Li Young has stated: "It's unfortunate that it has come down to this, but ethnic tensions in the north coupled with the recent firefight has led to the descision."


  • August 14: is banned in the Independent States.
    • The United Commonwealths condemns the Independent States banning of, claiming the country is disallowing people's views and opinions.
  • August 14: The polls from the vote of Abyei Sovereignity are counted, and the Abyei people unanimously voted to become part of the Eastern Sahara.

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