July 2011

  • 11: First strain of the infection arrives in Houston, Texas via a train carrying Dole Food Co. bananas.
  • 12: Toby Marshal, aged 15, is admitted to Riverside General Hospital in Houston, after collapsing three hours after having dinner.
  • 12: Marshal is pronounced physically dead half an hour after arriving at the hospital. Doctors cannot find the cause of death. Marshal, for some reason, still has a lot of brain activity.
  • 12: At 1200, the corpse of Marshal stands up in the Riverside General morgue, and kills three hospital staffers before being shot down by a hospital security guard. Marshal continued being active and tried to kill more, until the guard shot him in the head.
  • 12: By 1400, other Dole Food Co. bananas have infected citizens across the Allied States, as well as the Union of Everett, Canada and Cascadia.
  • 12: At 1430, the three hospital staffers Marshal killed, stand up in the same morgue and start killing others. Police officers on the scene shoot and kill all of them and immediately inform the Allied States Centers for Epidemic Control.
  • 12: Marshal's parents, who remained at home after Toby was taken to hospital, start attacking neighbors.
  • 12: At 1500, Riverside General Hospital is quarantined while 12 people in Marshal's neighborhood have already been infected before police arrive.
  • 12: At approximately 1520, a crowd of seemingly zombified people roam Marshal's neighborhood. Riot police are called in, however fail to stop the zombification of others.
  • 12: Minutes later, Mayor Parker of Houston informs the Governor of the situation, who activates the National Guard and declares a state of emergency.
  • 12: At 1630, the Centers for Epidemic Control announce that a continent-wide epidemic originating in South American banana farms kills and then zombifies victims. Citizens are urged to stop eating bananas.
  • 13: Early on the morning of the 13th, the National Guard with assistance from the Regular Army cordon off Houston, but to no avail. New Bay City has already been exposed.
  • 13: ANSDP-10 (Assured Security of the Nation, Presidential Directive 10) is activated by the President. The Governmental Emergency Agency puts continuity-of-government plans in motion.
  • 13: Less than an hour later, ANSDP-2 (Assured Security of the Nation, Presidential Directive 2) is activated. This means that all population centers with signs of infection be placed under immediate curfew and martial law.
  • 13: The President leaves New Bay City.
  • 13: At 1100, ANSDP-5 (Assured Security of the Nation, Presidential Directive 5) is activated, and designates Fort Carson, Colorado, the new temporary capital of the Allied States. The Senate, however, has already passed the Disabling Act, which removed the President as Commander-in-Chief. The military lets nobody out of New Bay City.
  • 14: All borders of the Allied States are closed as infected are reported in Fargo and Los Angeles.

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