A timeline or list of all events on Loreon.


Prehistoric Time

Common Time

  • 0CT: Hanean Empire collapses from crumbling economy.
  • 4CT: Indo-Hanean (Language) is extinct.
  • 49CT: The Resnish Kingdom is established.
  • 98CT: A trading ship crashes in modern-day Khreasa and forms a settlement. This sets all future exploration of South Medonia in motion.
  • 104CT: The Republic of Winsol is founded.
  • 150-210CT: Expeditions are made in South Medonia.
  • 212CT: The United Nation of Paledonia (UNP) is founded.
  • 255-61CT: The Resnish Civil War is fought.
  • 269CT: The Resnish Console of Deciders are established, and thus marks the end of period of liberation.
  • 500CT: All of North Medonia is settled by humans.
  • 640CT: The Pao'zü Structure is rediscovered by a Paledonian explorer.
  • 800-875CT: The rise of gunpowder technology advances warfare and festivity.
  • 947 CT: Almost 5000 citizens die in the Noranaz Massacre
  • 1214CT: Funisa Island is discovered by Sir Funisa.
  • 1587CT: The Stream is launched.

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