"No country or empire has ever controlled all of the world. The Romans, the Greeks, cannot compete with Britannia, not at all." -King Gordon III

The Great Britannian Empire stems from 1707 with the formation of the Kingdom of Great Britain, then growing to the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, and eventually the Great Britannian Empire.

Kingdom of Great Britain

1707, The Acts of Union of 1707 unite England and Scotland as a single kingdom, ruled by its first monarch Queen Anne.

1713, the French colony of Acadia is acquired by Great Britain.

1714, Following Queen Anne's passing, the House of Hanover takes over the monarchy, with George I being the new king.

1717, Great Britain colonizes a majority of eastern North America, aside from Spanish Florida.

Rise of the First British Empire

1735, British forces siege Spanish Florida and the Caribbean Islands in order to dominate eastern North America.

1738, Spain surrenders Florida, Cuba, and its Caribbean Islands to the British, now giving the British an edge over the new world.

1757, India colonization begins by the British East India arriving on the subcontinent.

1765, Colonization picks up pace in Africa as Britain is determined to be powerful. Settlements are set up on the western coasts of Central Africa and are used primarily for trades.

1776, After major disputes with American colonists, the United States of America is formed from the British East American and British Acadian colonies. King George III makes it clear that Britain will not tolerate a rebellion.

1780, The war soon turns in favor for the Americans as British forces are beginning to lose skill and force to the growing rebel army.

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