In this timeline of the New Era, only major events will be noted. For minor and more year-specific events, please see the timeline for 2012. Only the powers that be (i.e. New Era admins) may edit this page. Please review this page before you choose a nation, as canon is listed here which cannot be changed.




  • 12 February: The United Commonwealths of America is established with the Establishment of the Commonwealths.
  • 13 February: Less than 24 hours later, the DERP declares independence with the DERP Declaration.


  • 1 March: The government of the Russian Federation announces drastic measures to ensure its economic stability. Major exports are frozen which sends several nations dependent on the Federation into economic turmoil.
  • 17 March: The People's Republic of China follows suit with the Russian Federation, however, continues to export at extremely high prices and with a new trade policy which ensures local business protection.




  • 10 May: The Northern Coalition is established with the Pact of Jackson.



  • 17 June: A terrorist plot to detonate a nuclear weapon of mass destruction in Wichita is discovered by a Bureau of State Security operative in Northeast Iran. The conspirators are captured in Riverside, Wichita, and the bomb confiscated.


  • 6 December: The United States of America finally ceases to exist in the North American continent with the Independent States annexation. The capital is moved to Honolulu, Hawaii, and the Republic of Hawaii is declared.

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