• During an exploration a Xòqī space ship is traveling through the Solar System and storing its findings.


  • On the 5th of January a small artificial island is created 300 km to the west from San Francisco. Its name is Qāp. The size is pretty small to prevent fast discovery about 2.5 square kilometers.
  • Mark johnson

    Mark Johnson

    On the 10th of March the jet fighter pilot Mark Johnson from the Travis Air Force Base discovers an unidentified object on that same position.
  • On the 11th of March Mark Johnson reports to Federal Aviation Administration what he saw. The officers strongly recommends him not to talk to anyone about it, except the officers themselves. "We will look into this matter. We will soon let you know, what we decided," they say.
  • On the 15th of March the FAA sends two jet fighters to Qāp, the island Mark Johnson was referring to.
  • On the 18th of March, late evening, Mark Johnsot is got a telephone call from the CIA. The person calling said: "You never had the meet, and you don't know us." From then on, Qāp is top secret. Mark says: "What do you mean?". Answer: "Like we told you, you never had the meet, and you don't know us. And that's it. Have a nice evening."
  • At beginning of April, the US starts to worry about the Farallon Islands, which are situated between San Francisco and Qāp, but closer to San Francisco.

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