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Tràsvalünd Lower City
Trasvalund Flag.png
Trasvalund map.png
Location of Tràsvalünd
Country Kobidar
Region Pan-Handle
Cityship 1003 A.D.
Founder Oddr Thiostarson
 - Governor Bastìan Burknison
 - Mayor Carl Diðrikson
Elevation 43 m (142 ft)
 - Total 309,874

 Tràsvalünd is the largest city of Kobidar


Tràsvalünd was founded in 1003 AD by Kobidar founder Oddr Thiostarson as a settler village for the hundreds of immigrants moving from Iceland and the other Norse countries to Kobidar. Tràsvalünd grew into a large, successful city, mining tons of raw miniral ore from the base of the towering Snjóþungt Mountain Range. It was capital of Kobidar from around 1420 to 1536, when Jonàtan Kobidson changed the capital to Vaastväk. In the 1942 census, Tràsvalünd was deemed the most populated city in Kobidar, with it's population just over 150,000. Since then, Tràsvalünd has continued to grow, and in 2000, it breached the 300,000 population mark. Mining still remains a major industry in Tràsvalünd, as well as manufacturing and lumber.


Vaastväk Upper City

Vaastväk Upper City

Tràsvalünd is located on the Pan-Handle of Kobidar, and is in the the Lower Pan-Handle. Some of the city, including Oddr's Point and the Upper City is high altitude, built on the slopes of the Snjóþungt Mountain Range, while most of Tràsvalünd, including the Lower City is built in a natural valley at the base of the mountains.


The climate in Tràsvalünd is cold in the winters and slightly mild in the summer. Tràsvalünd is affected by the cold air and water that runs off of the Snjóþungt Mountains, and this affects the temperature by turning regularly cold days into bitterly freezing wind-chilled nightmares when the wind runs off the mountains.


Tràsvalünd is mainly a wealthy city, with the better off living in the Upper City. Low-rent housing and shabby residencies are found throughout the Lower City. Tràsvalünd's main industries are mining, manufacturing and lumber. Profit is also made with tourist attractions, including a ski mountain just south of the city. Tràsvalünd is also home to two of Kobidar's 3 car manufacturers: KobiKar and Bromsson Cars.



Music in Tràsvalünd consists mainly of the Tràsvalünd-born genre of Tràrock, a grungy sometimes heavy metal sort of rock music that is popular throughout the city. 


Tràsvalünd's Upper City architecture is designed to mold with the contours of the surrounding mountains, making some of the houses and views spectacular. The Lower City has mostly brick office buildings, but at the center of the Lower City, multiple skyscrapers tower over the landscape, including the Bjorgisson Tower, the second highest building in Kobidar.


Tràsvalünd has 4 major sports teams: Tràsvalünd FC,  the Seacoast Thunder,  the Tràsvalünd Giants and the Tràsvalünd Skyscrapers.



Tràsvalünd is riddled with mountainside roads, and the only way to cross the Snjóþungt Mountains into Vaastväk is the Tràsvalünd Pass. Tràsvalünd is connected to the rest of Kobidar by the K-88 Highway.


Tràsvalünd is also accesible via the Sub-Kobin Railway.


There are 2 major airports in Tràsvalünd, the Tràsvalünd Metro Airport and the Jonas Diðrikson Memorial Airport.

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