The Traditional Party of Nalatia is one of the three major political parties in Nalatia. It is positioned on the right of the political spectrum.


The Traditional Party was created in February of 1977 as the major right-wing party. It was the first political party created, the second being the Margan Party (then known as the Liberal Party) and the third being the Center Party. The name Traditional Party was chosen because the Traditionalists (as Traditional Party adherents are called) believe that tradition is there for a reason and no one should infringe upon it.



The Traditional Party is considered the most conservative and right-wing of the parties. To the right is a diagram of Traditionalist views on social and economical issues. In general, the Traditional Party is against abortion, gay marriage and taxes, and believes in smaller government and that religion should be very important in people's lives. The Traditional Party has criticized the Margan Party for their usage of Queen Marga's name in the title; they have described it as "idolatrous".

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