Transport in the UAF is mostly state controlled or regulated, it is controlled by the Atlantic Federation Transport Agency (AFTA) under five branches: The Highways Agency which controls roads in the UAF, The Aviation and
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Airways Authority which controls airways, The Waterways Regulation Board overesees how the waters are used and restriced, the National Cycle Paths Authority and the Public Transport Agency which has different boards controlling public buses, trains, trams, the underground system in Bentonport and the Metro.

Highways and Other Roads

Main article: Atlantic Federation Highways Agency The Highways Agency (HA) controls all the public roads in the UAF. It currently manages two motorways and four A class roads. There are several other B class, rural and urban roads that the HA also controls.

Airports and Airspace Control

Main article: Atlantic Federation Aviation and Airways Authority

The Aviation and Airways Authority (AAA) is responsible for several things in the UAF:

However it is not responsible for:


Main article: Atlantic Federation Waterways Regulation Board

The Waterways Regulation Board (WRB) manages the country's waterways. It is responsible for taxation on water vehicles, upholding water laws and controlling restricted areas.


Main article: Atlantic Federation National Cycle Paths Authority

The National Cycle Paths Authority (NaCPA) is responsible for:

  • Maintaining and constructing cycle paths
  • Maintaining Cycle Point cycle hire stations

Public Transport

Main article: Atlantic Federation Public Transport Agency

Public transport in the UAF has five branches:

  • Railways
  • Underground
  • Buses
  • Metro
    • Monorail
    • Light railway
    • Cable car
    • Trams
  • Dial a Ride
    • Taxi
    • Private Hire
    • Coaches

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