The Greater Korean Republic is a nation consisting of the Korean Peninsula, Japanese Archpileago, Sakhalin Island, and parts of Russia and China. The Greater Korean Republic was formed in 2003 following the Second Korean War. It borders China and Russia to the north, the Pacific Ocean to the west and south.

Laws to be Aware of

  • The recommended drinking age is 18, but is not required.
    • The legal age to purchase alcohol is 21.
  • The legal age of smoking, chewing, or purchasing tobacco is 21.
  • The possession, use, or distributing of any illicit drugs is prohibited, and is subject to prosecution, no matter the orgin of the prosecuted.
  • Tourist are entitled to free goverment payments for recovery from an disease or injury while visiting the nation.
  • The possession of an firearm for self-defense purposes is allowed, but cannot be put on a plane as an carry-on, and must be checked in.
  • Ticket possibilites and prices:
    • Jaywalking - $50
    • Riding an bike, scooter, moped, without an helmet - $100
    • Speeding within city limits - $100
    • Speeding on an highway - $250
    • No seatbelt - $300

Cautions and Travel Advisories

  • Travelers are advised to excerise extreme caution when driving across the 38th parallel, due to the numer of mines still unfound.
  • Travel to China and Russia from the GKR is highly advised against, due to the recent tensions between the three nations.
  • Travel to the Kamatcha Peninsula is prohibited due to the large amounts of nuclear testing and other weapons occuring there.



Incheon International Airport is the busiest in the country, with an total of 33,000,000 passengers, per year, and nearly 210,00 aircraft movements per year. Incheon also recieves and departs flights to North America, South America, Europe, Asia, and Africa. It is also the center hub for KoreanAir and all of its arrivals and departures to other countries.


In major cities such as Seoul and Tokyo taxis are white and blue, while tourist taxis are yellow and black. Taxis are runned by counters, and have been developed to withstand fraud, theft, and other damaging incidents to the counter, the vehicle, or the driver.


Rail companies across the Greater Korean Republic run bullet trains with an approximate speed of 581 km/h and will get from one area to another area half the time of that of an normal car. Maglev rail lines connect Vladivostok to Pyongyang to Incheon to Seoul to Pusan to Hiroshima to Tokyo to Yokohama, and there are other minor stops in between, but the listed cities are the major stops.

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