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The Grand Duchy of Travonat
Dy Ducax Kran Travonajøþ
Motto: Minx Natifolit, Kron Exþpojek
Anthem: None yet
Largest City
Official Language(s): Travonatian
Regional Language(s): Nahuatl, Finnish
Demonym: Travonatian
Ethnic Groups: Flemish, Nahuatl, Viking, Finnish
 - Dyk Kran:
 - Vixdyk:
Grand Duchy
Felikx II
Dan Kidolm
 - Total Population:

Currency: Tanor

Travonat is an island country located in the North Atlantic. Despite its small size, Travonat had multiple colonies in the Americas. Travonat is composed of eight islands. From most to least populous, they are: Xoyan, Ykorn, Mikol, Korft, Axkord, Ifelt, Partak, and Voror. Each island speaks its own dialect of Travonatian, the main language.

Travonat is led by a Grand Duke (Travonatian: Cukax Kran). The title of Grand Duke used to be autocratic, but now the Grand Duke is elected every five years. There are no political parties, so anybody can run.



Travonat was officially founded in 1498, but humans have lived on the islands since 985 AD when a Viking ship commanded by Thorir Ragnarsson got lost and ended up crashing into the island of Axkord. The Vikings founded a city called Ocintlan on the coast.

In 1493, a ship commanded by Pavel Kolte crashed into the island of Xoyan. There, they founded the city of Takor in the bay. The Vikings and Pavel's settlers met in the fall of 1493, and formed a new nation together, which they called Travonat. The name comes from the Viking word for the fenx, a common animal inhabiting the Travonatian Islands. Pavel was crowned Dyk Kran (Grand Duke) in 1498.

Spanish-Travonatian War

In 1526, a Spanish ship carrying Aztec slaves from the New World docked in Takog as their mast had broken during a windstorm and needed anybody to help them. The Travonatians had no concept of slavery, so when they saw the slaves, they were appalled. They attacked the Spanish and freed the slaves. The slaves attempted to explain their origin, but nobody could understand them. Dyk Kran Lijo I gave them food, water, and a large part of the island of Ifelt as their own.

One Spaniard got away, however, and stole a caravel to take back to Spain and inform the Spanish monarch of what happened.

In 1528, a Spanish fleet attacked the island of Ifolt and destroyed the Aztec cities. Travonatian soldiers then came and fought the Spanish invaders. The fighting lasted for three months, until finally the Spanish had been defeated. A thick wall was erected around Ifolt, and towers were built.


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