The Treasurer of Georgeland is the senior Cabinet official in charge of budgetary matters and government revenue and expenditure in the Georgeland system of government.
The Treasurer is generally considered to be the most senior government minister, and the position is always occupied by a high-ranking party member, often the deputy leader. The Treasurer is always a member of the House of Commons and reports annually to that chamber in handing down the federal Budget, which is usually tabled in October. The Treasurer also answers questions in the House, and in general recieves the second-most questions behind the Prime Minister.
The Treasurer is the minister overseeing the Treasury, which is the largest of all Georgeland's government departments.
The first person to hold the title of 'Treasurer' was William Eric Robinson, Treasurer from 1932 until 1936. Prior to this, the position was part of the Minister for Finance position. That position still exists, but the Department of Finance is now responsible for monitoring government expenditure and for providing funding to government departments and agencies. The Treasurer is not considered superior to the Finance Minister because of the principle of Cabinet equality - however, in all practical terms the Treasurer is a more powerful position.
Many, but by no means all, Prime Ministers have held the job of Treasurer before becoming Prime Minister. One, Campbell Rhodes, was Treasurer after he was Prime Minister (from June 2000 - April 2001). The present federal Treasurer is The Hon. James Bradford, MP. Most state governments also have a Treasurer; in many cases the Chief Minister also holds this position.

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