The Trell are a Centrum Species, and the third race to join the Board. Trell are warm blooded amphibians native to the watery world of Arlakh. Trell have a relatively long lifespan, with the current average being over 200 years. Trell are known for their skill in stealth, and often work as assasins, or employed for espionage work.


Trell are a bi-pedal race of amphibians from their watery homeworld of Arlakh. Trell have tall, elongated bodies. Trell heads are elongated like the rest of their bodies. Trell have the unique ability unseen in any other sentient species where they change colour to reflect their mood. Trell eyes are large, and oval shaped. Trell have a lifespan of 200 years, and are the second longest living Centrum species.

Trell are amphibian haplo-diploid egg-layers; unfertilized eggs produce males and fertilized eggs produce females. Once a year, a Trell female will lay a clutch of dozens of eggs. Social rules prevent all but a fraction from being fertilized. As a result, 90% of the species is male.


Trell are known for their high stealth ability, aswell as their high IQ. Many Trell are employed for espionage and assasins. Trells are excellent at invention, and science and technology are at the centre of trell culture, and are one of the most technologically advanced races in the known galaxy. Trell are often referred to as the 'eggheads' of the galaxy, as they believe that knowledge is power.


Trell Worlds

  • Arlakh - Homeworld
  • Aite
  • Gel Himmon
  • Nami
  • Perseus

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