The TriNation Championships is an international American football, baseball and basketball union competition contested annually (PROPOSING ASA, EVERETT, CASCADIA). The competition is organized by the United American Sports League, a consortium of the Allied States Sporting Board, the Union of Everett Sports Administration and the Cascadian derp. The TriNation Championships consists of three sections, namely an American football championship, a baseball championship and a basketball championship. The joint league functions together to regulate and unite the original United States major sport leagues of the National Football League (NFL), Major League Baseball (MLB) and National Basketball Association (NBA). Teams based in their home cities or states complete jointly within the Union of Everett, Allied States and Cascadia to make it to the final championship games in the leagues including the NFL's Super Bowl, the MLB's World Series and the NBA's NBA Finals. The Union of Everett Sports Administration has pushed for joint competition to include the National Hockey League (NHL) and to form official soccer leagues.

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