Republic of Trite Island
Republica de Isla Trinte

Republica da Isla Trinte Republika ni Isla Turte

Motto: Loyalty, Peace, Justice
Anthem: Song For Our Island
Capital Sta. Lucia
Largest city El Feliz
Official languages English, Spanish, Portuguese, Triten
Recognised regional languages Chamorro, Carolinian, Dimke, Hainanese, Indonesian, Malay, Ternate
Demonym Tritenian, Triteno
Government Federal presidential constitutional republic
• President
Helena Briones
• Vice President
Lunme Gerona
• Senate President
Mirino Sunma
• Speaker of the House
Anna Ventura
• Chief Justice
Tuki Martin
Legislature Congress
House of Representative
Independence from Portugal and Spain
• Establishment
• Independence from Spain declared
May 12, 1710
• Portugal control
• Independence from Portugal declared
November 3, 1785
• Current constitution
January 20, 1800
Currency Tritenian peseta ()
Patron saint Our Lady of Guadalupe

Trite Island is the island country in Pacific Ocean. This country is 500 miles west of California.





Administrative divisions

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