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Turkestan (officially the Emirate of Turkestan, Torkestanyi Emirli) is a nation in______. It is bordered by Krasnoyara to the east. It is made up of 14 provinces and has a population of 86 million.


18th and 19th century

Emir Nazir

Nazir (or Nazier), Emir of Turkestan

The once-powerful Turkesian empire disintegrated into various quarreling states and Vistania had taken over Eastern Turkestan. Turkestan only regained it's glory under Nazir, Emir of Turkestan (1870-1957). Nazir came to the throne in 1888 and in 1890 devised a plan of unification. Using heavy-handed tactics, he forcefully united the various states into a single nation. In 1917 he introduced democracy, making the country the first constitutional monarchy in the continent. When the Great War broke out in 1946, Turkestan invaded Krasnoyara to reclaim land lost during the 18th century. Krasnoyara was forced to sign a peace treaty in 1949 ceding land.

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