Turkgaz Energy is a the largest Energy company in Turkicstan, operating in oil, natural gas, solar and wind power sectors. It is based in Ashgabat, Turkicstan, and operates many oil fields and mining in various areas throughout the country, particularly in Azerbaijani fields and Turkmen Province.

The company was assembled in 1995 by an almgation of several energy companies in the former Turc states. The current chairmen is Semal Horoc.


Public Sector

As Turkicstan is a largely mountainous country, water is only available through the county for a few hours a day, which fills up a tank kept on the roof, heated by solar panels. Turkgaz produces solar panels and water tanks for the Turkic market, they are one of the companies largest selling products.

Turkgaz operates a network of fuel stations nationwide, along with it's main competitors K-Pet and Alpet.

Oil and Gas

Turkgaz operates several oil fields nationwide, particularly in the Azerbaijan and Tukmen provinces. Turkgaz exports large amounts of it's oil to other countries. Aswell as natural gas.

Wind Power

Turkicstan as a small but growing wind power sector, with it's largest wind farm in the Kara Kum Desert in Turkmen Province, which is operated by Turkgaz, and attributes to the national grid. Turkgaz has planes to build further wind farms by 2020. Turkicstan

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