Turkicstan Civil War
Date 19 January 2005 - 20 June 2005
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Result Creation of Turkmenistan
Armed Forces of Turkicstan Turkmen Advancement Party
Commanders and leaders
Gen Necdet Özel Dmitry Ordulev
The Turkicstan Civil War was a Civil War fought in Turkicstan during 2005.


In late 2004 the Turkmen Advancement Party (TAP) leader Dmitry Ordulev stated that there was no longer a threat from the USSR, and that they Turkmen (formerly the country of Turkmenistan) wished to be independant from Turkicstan. Turkicstan responded with a peaceful resolution, but TAP responded aggressively, and began building a militia, despite heavy interferance from Turkcistan Armed Forces and Government.

The War

On January 25th 2005, The Turkmen Advancement Party began a series of terrorist attacks in Turkic cities, including Baku and Ankara, although the Ankara attack was prevented. Turkicstan Armed Forces responded t

TAP Rebel Forces During the War

o rebels with heavy force and took their main stronghold of Balkanabat.

Several months of fighting, capturing and losing, and recapturing strongholds across the province followed, both combatants and the United Nations came to an agreement that Turkmenistan could be independant on the conditions that they did not have military or defense forces and that at times of emergency Turkicstan would step in to defend the country, TAP was reluctant to agree to this treaty, but eventually the treaty was signed in the Presidential Palace in the former TAP stronghold of Ashgabat.


As a result the conutry of New Turkmenistan was created, from the former Turkic province of Turkmen. The country was forbidden to create a defense force. Turkmen who did not agree with the result, and believed in the Turkcistan government of Turkmen emigrated to Turkicstan, as they deemed the new 'country' unstable and 'wrong' and deemed the new President Dmitry Ordulev as a 'facist.'

The Turkicstan president Abdullah Gul shunned Dmitry saying he is a 'Egotistictal Maniac' backed up by the Turkic Prime Minister Cemil Cicek.

The Provinces of Tajik and Kyrgyz were lefts detatched from the rest of Turkicstan, and as a result security was tightened in the respective provnices.

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