The Turkicstan Corridors are two territories of land owned by the Republic of Turkicstan, connecting the Provinces of Turkey to Azerbaijan, and Turkmen to Tajik and Kyrgyz. They are made up of a small amount of land from Armenia and the USSR.

Caucasus Corridor


Turkicstan in Red

The Caucasus Corridor connects the provinces of Turkey, and Azerbaijan, from the Nackchivan Region of Azerbaijan to the Kalbajar Lachen Region. It is a small area of land from Armenia.

The territory is part of the Azerbaijan Province, and entails the towns of Agarak, Mehgri, Alvank, Shvanidzor and Nrnzador.

The state route D200 passes through the corridor, which is the only road connection of between the Azerbaijan and Turkey provinces.

Tajik Corridor


Tajik Corridor

The Tajik Corridor connects the provinces of Turkmen to the Tajik and Kyrgyz Provinces. It is land from the USSR.

The territory is part of the Turkmen Province, and the city of Termez is located in the corridor, a former Uzbek city. The D300 passes through the corridor, connecting the provinces.

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