Turkish Republican Workers' Party
Türk Cumhuriyetçi İşçi Partisi
Founder Abdülmecid Darıcıoğlu
General Secretary Şahnaz Uzun
Founded 1946
Headquarters Ankara
Ideology Marxism-Leninism
Turkish Nationalism
Party factions
Islamic Socialism
Political position Far Left
National affiliation United Workers Front
Official colours Red, green and gold
People's Supreme Assembly
758 / 786
Party flag
Flag of the Turkish Republican Workers' Party
Democratic Republic of Turkey
State Emblem of the Democratic Republic of Turkey.png

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The Turkish Republican Workers' Party (Turkish: Türk Cumhuriyetçi İşçi Partisi), more commonly referred to as the TCIP is a Turkish political party that is the current governing party of the Democratic Republic of Turkey and the leader of the United Workers Front. Founded by Abdülmecid Darıcıoğlu in 1946 as a merger between the Turkish Communist Party and the Republican People's Party, it came to power in elections which were widely deemed as rigged.

Officially the party supports Marxism-Leninism and Turkish Nationalism - however in practice ideologically it is is split between the hardline communists and moderate reformists. Currently a coalition of Uzunists and Islamic Socialists, who constitute a large portion of the hardliners faction dominate party policy.

The party currently holds all seats in the Central Committee, Secretariat and Politburo of the UWF, and an overwhelming majority within the Assembly. The party is headed by its General Secretary, who is the leader of the Central Committee, Politburo and Secretariat. As the TCIP hold a majority in the Assembly the General Secretary also heads that.