The Turkmen Advancement Party (TAP) is the current ruling part of Turkmenistan. The party is headed by current president of Turkmenistan Dmitry Ordulev.

Before the re-establishment of Turkmenistan, TAP was a political party in the Turkicstan Government, fighting for Turkmen independance.


According to TAP propaganda 'TAP fights for your independance' ('you' being Turkmen), but criticism says that they are not, and after the Civil War many Turkmen who supported the independance have been left unhappy with the way the 'new' Turkmenistan is run, with Ordulev's somewhat facist rule.

Involvement in the Turkicstan Civil War


Turkmen Celebrating Turkmenistans independance in 2005.

TAP (and Dmitry) was responsible for the Turkicstan Civil War in 2005. In 2005 TAP made a statement to the Turkic Government that the USSR was no longer a threat to Turkmen since the fall of communism, and they stated they wished Turkmen to become independant, and the re-establishment of Turkmenistan. The Turkic Government made a reasonable and peaceful resolution, but TAP did not accept the proposal. Which then led to armed conflict between the Turkic Armed Forces and the TAP 'Rebel' Milita.


TAP has been criticised by many world leaders, particularly Abdullah Gul and Cemil Cicek of Turkicstan, and have directly criticised Ordulev, by pinning him and the party as 'facist' and 'egotistical.' Turkicstan say that the party is a lie, and are more interested in the wealth and glory of its leader rather than the welfare of the Turkmen people.

Turkmen have expressed their disgust with the way the new country is run, and have also criticised the part of being facist and a lie.

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