The Twelve Colonies are twelve distinct worlds colonised by the humanity after leaving Earth in 2095. Upon arrival in the collection of new star systems, humans decided to abandon their modern technology, in an effort to begin again, and to end the cycle of industrial destruction. However, hundreds of years later, the same had happened again, beginning on Virgon, and spreading throughout the colonies beginning a new age of technological advancement, similar to 21st Century Earth. In early, what is known to 'Colonials' as the 2nd Century, the Virgon Empire had been the predominant power, as is Virgon today, influencing the culture of the twelve colonies, along with the second power, Canceron, however many believe it to be nothing but a corrupt ogliarchy. 

Star System

The Twelve Colonies exist in a complex system of four stars. 

A Short History of the Colonies

Over 2,500 years ago humanity stumbled upon a system of stars following the Exodus of Earth, containing twelve habitable planets. Planning to abandon advanced technology in an effort to start again, however keeping a large amonut of their records and history, so as not to forget where they came from, however creating new exotic cultures. 

However, over 2,500 years later, Earth is a fading memory against the thriving civilisation that humanity, now known as 'Colonials' have created across the Twelve Colonies during the Age of Enlightenment, a period of mass industrialisation and technological advancement which began on Virgon, allowing it to expand and colonise other untouched worlds, becoming the formemost power throughout the early 2nd Century, colonising Caprica, Sagittaron and Aerilon, which were united under the Virgon Empire for over a hundred years, until they were given independence, and today, all are governed separately as nation states, with the current year being 2600.

In recent years an age of peace and co-operation has befallen most colonies, however some still hold age old grudges, which have resulted in several devastating wars, including the infamous Proxy War between the two factions on the ever unstable Tauron, leading to a Second Civil War in 2598, following the First Civil War in the 2570's. Recent economic booms across the colonies have resulted in the rise of formerly poorer colonies, such as Gemenon, which has seen mass economic growth in the past years. 


See Main: Aerilon

  • Population; 2.1 Billion
  • Capital: Whittier
  • Major Cities: Aerwick, Alba
  • Attractions: Aerwick University
  • Official Languages: Virgon Language

Traditionally known as a Rural colony, originally colonised by Virgon, and still influenced by the Virgon Crown, Aerilon has experienced economic growth, exporting natural resources to the wealthier colonies. Aerilon is particularly most well known for farming and its flat, rich fertile lands. 












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