Twenty Ninety Five
Genres Science Fiction Action Role Playing
Developers Squire Entertainment
Publishers CodeMasters
Platforms Xbox 360
Microsoft Windows
Requirements Microsoft Windows (Vista, 7)
Sound 7.1 Dolby
Original release 15th March 2013 (Europe)
20th March 2013 (N. America, Asia and Oceania)
Engine Crystal Engine
Modes Single Player
Twenty Ninety Five, also known as 2095 is a Science Fiction action role-playing open world video game developed by Bristol-based Squire Entertainment and published by CodeMasters. Released in March 2013 in conjunction with the Twenty Ninety Five television series. 2095 was released on the Xbox 360, PS3, and Microsoft Windows in Europe on the 15th March 2013, and in North America and Oceania no the 20th March 2013. 

Set in 2095 in a world where sea levels have risen so much they have driven humanity onto vast floating cities the size of countries, Twenty Ninety Five revolves around the player's characters choices and efforts as a Bounty Hunter to direct the skyship's crew to track down on the World's biggest criminals. Twenty Ninety Five has a non-linear gameplay, with many sidequests, found around the game's large open-world with each of the world's cities open to explore, of which travel between is possible by the player's posession of a skyship. 


Twenty Ninety Five has a non-linear gameplay set in an expansive futuristic and dark open world. The game is played from a first-person perspective or from a third person perspective. The player can expore the open world hubs, which are connected by Skyports which allow transport via Skyship, and discover locations including bars, hotels, clubs, shops, hideouts and safehouses, which the player can use to store items, sleep and regenerate health. Upon leaving the ship, the player can choose which members of the ship's crew to take with them, or on particular quests. Moving between cities is done by the use of 'WorldNav' in the skyship's flight deck. 

The main quest line involves tracking down the world's most infamous criminal, as Bounty Hunter with your crew. However, there are also many side quests that the player can undertake, which can change the shape of the world around them. Side Quests can be anything from extra bounty hunting jobs, to helping NPC's. 

Character Development

Character Development is an integral part of Twenty Ninety Five's gameplay. At the beginnig of the game, the player is able to customise their character, in appearance, background and class. The different classes give the player a boost in different skills. However as the game progresses the player can choose which skills to ad to the main character and their team by the use of a point system, each time the player levels up. Each level brings new perks and skill bonuses to the character. The character can be developed anyway the player wishes, as missions give a choice between different moral choices in both speech and quest lines.