The Two Kilo Buffer (popularly referred to by Southern Africans as "Kilo", and by Hurians as "The Wall") was a two-kilometer militarized buffer zone on the Southern African Confederacy-side of the SAC-Huria border between 1994 and 2012. Kilo was arguably the most militarized zone in the world, with basically all of the Southern African Armed Forces having been stationed there. Prior to Huria annexing the territories North of the border, the Southern African government had it heavily garrisoned anyway, in anticipation of Huria's ever-expanding frontiers. In July 2012, Huria expanded to Kilo and less than a month later, the country was disbanded for several reasons.

Two Kilo Buffer map

Kilo marked red between the SAC and Huria.

Overview, garrisons and units

The Southern African Armed Forces was arguably only created to halt the Hurian expansion into free-Southern Africa, thus, the vast majority of its troops were located on or near the border. BORCOM (Border Command) was the largest of the SA-AF's administrative commands, and all combatant units except the Southern African Special Forces and the 4th Infantry Corps were a part thereof. Southern Africa's three artillery corps were equally spread across the entire border, while the infantry and armored corps continuously patrol and garrison certain points on the border.

Today, the entire ex-border is a national monument and testament to what people can do in the face of tyranny. It remains administrated by the military and still acts as an official border between the confederate provinces of North/South Angola, Zambia, North/South Zimbabwe, and North/South Mozambique.

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