UD-22 Pterodactyl
UD-22 Pterodactyl Drop Ship
A UD-22 featuring missile modules.
Role Orbit-Surface Drop Ship
National origin Union of Everett
Manufacturer Armor Militant/Lockheed Martin
First flight July 2021
Introduced May 2022
Status In Service
Primary user Federation of Everett Space Forces
Number built 500/250 ordered
Unit cost $88 million

The UD-22 Pterodactyl is a utility drop ship used by the Federation of Everett Space Forces used for transporting military troops and ground vehicles or supplies into a combat zone or operation LZ from an orbiting space craft to the surface of a planet, moon or other surface. Designed and produced in a joint development by Armor Militant Military Industries and Lockheed Martin, the Federation of Everett employs this vessel aboard Space Forces vessels including Universal-class Assault Carriers, Solar class Battleships and can also be attached and carried by Nebula-class Destroyers, Presidential-class Command Vessels and Discovery-class Science Cruisers.


The UD-22 features a dual fusion engine, similar to those featured on Everetti space fighters. The ship has a maximum load carrying capacity of a squad of 25 troops, a full size main battle tank such as the M4 Harris or M5 Dakota MBT and an upper cargo hold for combat droids or supplies. The drop ship has a top space travel speed of 75,000 miles per hour and an in-atmosphere speed of up to Mach 1.


The UD-22 may be optionally armed with missile and rocket modules when entering an active combat zone, to provide fire support and to defend itself while entering the atmosphere of a planet and into an active combat zone. A total of up to 40 missiles or rockets of varied types can be attached in these missile modules. The Pterodactyl is also armed with both bullet firing main turret guns in .50 caliber with a total of 2,500 rounds as well as plasma laser main turrets. In the troop carrying bay in the rear can be attached a .30 caliber machine gun.

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