United Nations Global Environmental Stabilization Mission (UNGESM)

The first UNGESM effort was launched in late 2025 when a severe blight hit a small portion of the Amazon. The international community was in outrage that Brazil would allow the forest to die , instead of expending its national resources to save what at the time was believed to be vital for the maintenance of the global climate.

As a result, the UN put together a UNSC-mandated force which entered and forcibly pried the Amazon Basin from the Federative Republic of Brazil and made it a UN protectorate. The Brazilians naturally fought against the incursion, as did the rest of the Latin American countries. But with the full force of the strongest militaries, the UNGESM made its first conquest in the name of “protecting the global interest”. Brazil and the rest of the Mercosur counties swiftly left the UN as a result of the incursion into sovereign territory of its strongest member.

The UN had been losing international prestige for a long time. So the UNGESM, along with the other UN administrated zones, were the last and most concentrated exertions of the organization's weight. In reality, some analysts nowadays believe that the US supported UNGESM as a means to vilify and weaken Brazil in the eyes of the international community. It also served to remove further the UN's ability to stand as a neutral party to international affairs. It was becoming increasingly less a body for global governance but an organization for data collection. It came to represent an antiquated vision for a world order where all people could put their own differences aside and push for a better world. The UN slowly was gaining its own interests as it grew into a governing authority of select areas of the world, a great power itself.

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