The Main Line owned by Amtrak is the most important railway in United States of Western Arctic.

Passenger services

Due to the low cost of electricity in USWA, railways have a high share in passenger traffic. InterCity trains have a minimum interval of:

  • 4h between Miami, Florida and Richmond, Virginia
  • 2h between Richmond, Virginia and Lawrence, Massachusetts
  • 4h between Lawrence, Massachusetts and Bangor, Maine

Express trains run between Miami and Eastport, Maine twice daily. They are equipped with sleepind coaches. They use New York and Boston bypass railways.

Moreover, local trains with various routes use the railway.

Travel times from Miami (InterCity)

  • Naples, 1h 20min
  • Fort Myers, 1h 54min
  • Lakeland, 3h 27min
  • Orlando, 4h 18min
  • Jacksonville, 6h 22min
  • Brunswick, 7h 23min
  • Savannah, 8h 35min
  • Augusta (GA), 10h 23min
  • Columbia, 11h 32min
  • Charlotte, 12h 57min
  • Winston-Salem, 14h 03min
  • Greensboro, 14h 29min
  • Durham, 15h 18min
  • Richmond, 17h 31min
  • Fredericksburg, 18h 07min
  • Arlington, 18h 39min
  • Washington, 18h 49min
  • Baltimore, 19h 16min
  • Philadelphia, 20h 24min
  • Trenton, 20h 45min
  • Newark, 21h 19min
  • New York, 21h 32min
  • Stamford, 22h 01min
  • Bridgeport, 22h 17min
  • Waterbury, 22h 38min
  • Hartford, 22h 57min
  • Worcester, 23h 43min
  • Boston, 1d 00h 13min
  • Lawrence, 1d 00h 39min
  • Concord, 1d 01h 19min
  • Portland, 1d 02h 28min
  • Lewiston, 1d 02h 59min
  • Augusta (MA), 1d 03h 27min
  • Bangor, 1d 04h 39min

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