US Garmino
Full name Unione Sportiva Garmino
Logo US Garmino
City Garmino
Founded 1921
Stadium Vincenzo Cassarri Stadium
President Gianfranco Lighi
Manager Renzo Gracchi
Colours Lavender and Sky Blue
Fans Garministi
League Lecrotian Premier League

US Garmino is a soccer (aka football) club in Lecrotia.

First team

No. Name Position Nationality
33 Dietfried Haber GK
Flag of Switzerland
2 Vito Poccioni LB
Flag of the United States
3 Tiziano Froddu RB
Flag of Lecrotia
4 Piero Bazzuri CB
Flag of Lecrotia
5 Diniz Matoušek CB
Flag of the Czech Republic
6 Pier Paolo Giannini LM
Flag of Lecrotia
7 Amílcar (Capt.) RM
Flag of Brazil
8 Terrence Jameston CM
Flag of the Marshall Islands
79 Steven Bogdanić CM
Flag of Australia
10 Alessandro Caporali ST
Flag of Lecrotia
59 Yù Chén ST
Flag of the People's Republic of China

Second team

No. Name Position Nationality
1 JC Cabrera GK
Flag of El Salvador
29 Charles Broxton GK
Flag of England
14 Saif El-Mofty RB
Flag of the United Arab Emirates
63 Grigorijs Ozoliņš CB
Flag of Latvia
72 Yun Seong Yi CB
Flag of South Korea
17 Giorgio Brescian LM
Flag of Lecrotia
18 Méllán Ó Medra CM
Flag of Lecrotia
19 Fridrik Kärassnen CM
Flag of Lecrotia
24 Victor Fonseca ST
Flag of Ecuador
20 Ayman Bousaid ST
Flag of Tunisia
85 Robert Afolayan ST
Flag of Ghana

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