A sixth of them chose to live in the beauty of the Divine Realm, because the things in there were made in perfect order, harmony and immaculate beauty. But they didn’t know the foundations of those things were made by the Deities of Discord, and that only the surface was crafted by the Deities of Order. The Deities of Order have no wish to do the menial task of laying down the foundations and other labors that will soil their raiments. So they had the Deities of Discord to do those things, thinking that it is only fair for them to share the labor. But the Deities of Discord know nothing of perfection so that the buildings and wares were made to crumble at the end. And the Deities of Order would blame themselves, because the plans they showed to the Deities of Discord must have not been drawn perfectly.

So, once the Uaraum entered the Divine Realm, they saw beautiful things arising only to fall into ruins as quickly as the waves of the sea. But they had chosen, and they could only suffer this life. It is this life that makes the Uaraum divine as well, for they learned from the Deities of Order and also the reason things fall intoruins. So they built a city with high and thick walls to protect themselves from the Deities of Discord and welcomed only the Deities of Order. The divine city was called Principle. And this angered the Deities of Discord for they too love them, and now they felt betrayed. The Deities of Discord just cannot help themselves in ruining the perfection of the Deities of Order because it is in their nature to do so. The City of Principle was ever sieged by the Deities of Discord, and the Deities of Order had since made the City Temples as their homes, and aid the Uaraum only when they felt pleased. Eternal war had since ravaged the lands of the Divine Realm, and the City of Principle being the only oasis of peace

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