"Earth Born"

The dumun in this grouping, or 'tribe,' are of many different ages, beliefs, cultures and nationalities. This is true to such an extent, in fact, that the only common factor that all share is that each of them was born on Kaisar and then was 'relocated' to a new life. A particular Ubaki's reaction to this relocation depends on their original culture, how old they were at the time of relocation, and the demeanor of the Ubaneb that stole them away.

Ubaki as a social grouping have only come into existence within the past 50 years, as anyone taken from Kaisar before the War of Independence is considered a member of one of the Ubaneb. Organization and group identity relating to the Ubaki are barely present, as many of those old enough to form such groups and bonds still identify themselves and others according to social and political ties that hold little sway among the stars. Those that were taken when very young often adopt the title and mannerisms of the tribe they were adopted into.


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