Ubia was discoverd by the Queen Ubia. from the planet of goalding. They migrated to ubia because thier home planet because a global war began. How it begun is the undead invaded and the goalding army tried to fight them off. Thats where they made thier mistake the undead wanted peace not war. In the end they fought back and over powerd the goalding army so they retreated back to Ubia. The undead now control Goalding in peace. The undead are temtped to go and try to make peace with Ubia. They fear if they do they will be plunged in to another war. They did go to try and make peace but when they got there they could not get to the palace. the whole planet was being attacked by the most feared creatures in the galaxy the Necros. The Necros are nearly impossible to kill. The undead were tempted to flee. Then they thought this might be there chance to make peace if they help them to defeat the Necros. After a year of battiling the undead had helped to defeat the Necros and had made peace with Ubia. Most of the undead died including the leading gemeral of them. The undead do not havekings queens or people like that thier leader would be a general. The new general Thorn Hin had successfuly made peace and had a victory war in his name. With a victory war in his name meant that he would be respected mor ethan he already was. The mores victory wars in your name meant that more people would obey you and respect you more.

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