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Ubimos is a planet in the Maeltir Galaxy, located in the territory of the Pavlan Empire. Ubimos was once a thriving rainforest planet, until a shift in it's orbit hurtled it closer to the sun resulting in melted ice caps and planetwide flooding. The planet is now almost 90% covered in water with small islands dotted round where the inhabitants now live. Ubimos is the homeworld of the Lizardmen, bizare lizard-like creatures derived from the planet's nature itself. The races are split into 'elemental' tribes such as rock, water, wood, air etc. A fire tribe was once present on the planet but became extinct as it's habitat (active volcanoes) reduced due to the floods.



Reptile tribe

The reptile tribe is the most common species of Ubimosian on the planet. They are simple humanoid reptiles with a dorsal fin on their heads. The fin is used to absorb and expel heat. Reptile tribe Lizards are green and resemble geckos.

Horned tribe

A relative to the Reptile tribe, the horned tribe are mostly blue with horns portruding from their skulls.

Quilled tribe

Another relative to the Reptile and Horned tribes. This tribe resemble the previous 2 except their scales are jet black and have porcupine-like quills all over their body. They are also slightly larger.

Mammal tribe

A tribe that lives on the mountain peaks in the icey snow at very high altitudes. They have evolved black hair to keep them warm whilst living atop Ubimos' mountains.

Mountain tribe

A race of lizard-like golems that resemble iguanas. They are large than the other tribes and are made from solid rock. Thin spines made from solid crystal stretch along the top of the head and down the spine.

Forest tribe

A race of plant-like reptiles that resemble chameleons. Their hide is made from bark and they are born from the seeds of the trees of their forest sanctuary. They are highly mobile in the trees and can stalk prey with relative ease due to their camoflauge.

Desert tribe

A tribe that lives on a large island on the equator, which is nearly covered wholly in sand. The tribe species here resembles the Desert Horned Lizard on Earth and are covered in a thick hide. Although docile, they do not take kindly to outsiders.

Aquatic tribe

A race of aquatic Ubimosians which resemble newts. They spend most of their lives in dank, underground lakes which are abundant on the watery planet. They are a navy blue colour and more amphibious than reptillian.

Swamp Tribe

The Swamp tribe are a Dark Green Crocodillian-like race of Swamp-dwelling Ubimosians. They differ from the Aquatic tribe as they are air breathers while the Aqua Tribe have gills.

Earth Tribe

A race of Dark Grey Lizardmen that live underground and are capable of seeing in pitch black darkness using their specialised Lime Green eyes. Unlike the Mountain Tribe, Earth Tribe Lizardmen live in underground tunnels (Mountain Lizards live in the mountains) and spend their whole lives living in tunnel systems spread around a small archipelago on Ubimos' equator.

Angel tribe

A race of winged dragon-like humanoids whom have the ability to live on seemingly vapor-based clouds. The Air tribe can walk along them as though they were solid land and can even place buildings on them. It is unknown just how they are able to do this. The dragon-like air tribe resemble the dragons of chinese mythology with the wings of european dragon myths and are mostly golden.

Demon Tribe

A race of Black and Purple Warrior Lizardmen.

Fire Tribe

A near-extinct tribe of Ubimosian that are born from the fires of volcanoes. However, as the planet began to flood, many volcanoes were submerged and the magma would immediatly cool to rock in the oceans thus preventing their numbers increasing. Presently, there is only 1 last living member of this tribe, who has remained alive for centuries by regularly drinking a specially made potion. The Fire Tribe apparently had the ability to spawn similar-looking minions from their flames, however these minions are sterile and near unintelligent.

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