Ukraine Self Governing Subject(en)

Україна самоврядування Тема Ukraïna samovryaduvannya Tema (uk)
Własna Ukraina Prezesów Temat (pl)
Wolkrayna Bundervläste Ämne (lp)
Ukrajina Vlastné administratívne Predmet (sk)
Ukrajna önálló irányító Tárgy (hu)
Auto Ucraina guvernatorilor Subiect (ro)

Self-Governing Subject
Flag of NWU Coat of Arms of NWU
Flag Coat of Arms
Location of NWU
(and largest city)
Official language Ukrainian
National languages Polish, Slovak, Laplandic, Romanian, Hungarian
Demonym Northwestern Ukrainians/Ukrainies
- President
- Prime Minister
Unitary Federal Division
Rachel Kraw
Magan Oskutsk
Legislature Self-Governing Subject
Formation 19 April 2003
Population 35,691,912
per capita
(£751.769 billion) $691.534 billion

The Ukraine Self-Governing Subject(Ukrainian:Україна самоврядування Тема Ukraïna samovryaduvannya Tema; Polish:Własna Ukraina Prezesów Temat; Slovak:Ukrajina Vlastné administratívne Predmet; Laplandic:Wolkrayna Bundervläste Ämne; Hungarian:Ukrajna önálló irányító Tárgy; Romainian:Auto Ucraina guvernatorilor Subiect) commonly known as Northwest Ukraine or NWU, is a Self-Governing Subject, located in southwestern Lapland. It is the southernmost federal subject of Lapland. It borders, Belarus Republic, and the two European nations of Poland and Ukraine. NWU has an area of 78,452.8 km2 and a population of 19,042,936 inhabitants. The city of Lviv is the administrative seat of NW Ukraine.

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