Ulysses Morgan
File:Ulysses Morgan (Xai script).png
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Patriarch of the Xai Ascendancy
Assumed office
21 December 1829
Constituency House Morgan
Personal details
BornUlysses Robert Morgan
2 November 1792
Norfolk, Virginia, United States
Spouse(s)Dominique Morgan
(married in 1829)
(All Xai descendant of him)
ReligionXai Alithian Church
SignatureUlysses Morgan's signature
Ulysses Robert Morgan (born 2 November 1792) is the current Patriarch of the Xai and founder of the Xai Ascendancy. He established the nation after creating the Xai in 1829, and governs over them all by way of the Ascendancy, and by way of the Xai Alithian Church which he too oversees. Having been born a slave, Ulysses grew up in Virginia in the city of Norfolk. He killed his owner in 1818, and ran off for the mountains where he became a smuggler and a killer for hire. When the hand of the law drew closer to him, he escaped west into the Rocky Mountains, where he discovered an extraterristrial vessel which provided him with increased intelligence and technology.

Following his discovery, he established the city of Oxida Nova, hidden away from the world, and created the Xai in 1829, thereafter he took on the title of "Patriarch of All Xai", and came to rule as the Ascendancy's first and greatest leader. Forsaking his old ways, Ulysses is today a staunch Christian, and leds the Alithian Church, which serves as his eyes and ears overseas where other Xai many be residing. Ulysses divided his family up into seven houses, and formed a council with which to govern them all effectively, as well as to minimize the demands of his presences in matters of government.

While rarely seen in the public anymore, Ulysses is a major figurehead in Xai politics and religion, and will not hesitate to come out of isolation to deal with a matter personally. Stern and decisive, Ulysses' though no longer the brutish killer he was in the past, is not afraid to use his "aquired skills" to deal with his troublesome children. Feared for his power and dominance, many global organizations have hounded the Xai to get at their father, though failures have continued to mount as he makes clear his desire to remain free of politics and diplomatic courting whenever and wherever possible, home included.

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