Underneath City

Underneath City is the first underwater city of Archie-Glapto. Opened in 2043, it inspired millions that anything can be done, particularly other governments. Underneath City is one of the major resons other nations rely on Archie-Glapto for scientific needs. It is considered completely safe, but some see it as unsafe and choose to not live there. It was built in citybox on the bottom of the Falkland Sound to house Archie-Glapto's growing population. It is connected to SubFalkland City, 3UC, Neptune AG, and the shore by a highway called 15UI, which was built by Devon Connectors.

Government of Underneath City

Stats and Whatnot of Underneath City

Underneath City is exactly 24 square miles, in a four by six array. It's not big for a city, but you need to think about the area they have to cover with a citybox.

Sciences of Underneath City

Underneath City is both a product and inspiration to science.


The citybox is essentially a giant box that protects against conditions, controls inside conditions, is made of strong material, and lets you see outside. They also house cities in extreme areas. In this case, on the bottom the sea. Citizens can sea the fish above (that's just awesome), and can get some of their light from the sun. However, most of their light comes from hydroelectric power they get from deep sea currents right outside the citybox.

Hydroelectric Power by Deep Sea Currents

Underneath City's main power source, as well as the rest of Archie-Glapto, is supplied by power turbines planted where deep sea currents. The turbines are planted at the bottom of the Falkland Sound. Deep sea currents are very strong, so it would be a cheap form of energy. However, the turbines are expensive to build (partially due to their location on the bottom of the ocean) and the energy from them is expensive as well. however, it's cheaper than oil due to the lack of it, and using "deep sea energy" is encouraged ny the government as a green alternative. The first deep sea turbine was built by the Archie-Glaptonian government in 2034.

Commercial Submarining

You heard me. Submaring is made commercial due to ability of scientists to make better, cheaper submarines using the vast natural resources foung and grown in Antarctica. Citizens of Underwater cities don't see it as much, but those from the outside of "their watery den" see it as amazing. "Who wouldn't want to go down in the ocean in a submarine and see all the world around you?" qouted Peabrain:the Movie Fash, better known as P:tM Fash, owner of Jooblehue Magazine.

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