Undupauthi foi tanuci (English: Descendants of gods) is the national anthem of Greater Cerberussy.


Vunuir (Original version)

Yel, yel yo vo hau
Foi gar niracar vo ruirar
Vo heu uthain naul euwai tho
Scabui far gar ba
Gar oindi itendain Nircaral
Thtu na mu cua vo mei, Thtanir Theirbruthi, O Thtanir Thierbruthi!
Cap nan vo yeurondui.

Nan von othindaun niu ar thai hemuil fau heu facan
Euwai niri hewo vaimui i tan vum iraihoi meh
Euwai niri gar ovato hwa cora i thpara roi viun
Tondori niri vunicar, heu thpara foi Thurdrangor!

Thtu Thanutanuc thta thai muri fau vis
Vu thocir, vu itendain ral!
Yavo fau thtan fahrini vo fahroni
Hunan nira Thtanir Theirbruthi, ara murian
Heu cor aivewa foi thumbar
Foi Thtarcifau fau Creicthica
Nas ewameh yulengul
Roi vu cain avu roi aruimen fau thta
Cap cu fau vumnir Futh aini daun rah
O wifare, rath itendain vo thol
Thta, itendain hatoir thuv!

Undupauthi foi tanuci, O fahroni foi tanuci
Cap thta mahre hwa net
Arundil Futh thoita yatho
Vu aivec ahlokin thta wi
Melo nui thta wenu fau heu aivewa
Rohai pu fau mindu!

English translation

Love, love it and think
Of our father and mother
And the saga night that ends
Dreams to our planet
Our fondly beloved Fatherland
May you live long and prosper, Greater Cerberussy, O Greater Cerberussy!
For now and evermore.

Now or never let us give proof to the world
That in these veins a divine blood still flows
That in our chests we hold a name with pride
Victorious in battle, the name of Thurdrangor!

May Kaisergod thee gave birth to me
My best, my beloved land!
Home to great daughters and sons
Today over Greater Cerberussy, is being born
The new sun of order
From Starq to Grexica
Your radiance is everywhere
With my last breath my gratitude to thee
For true to death I will ever be
O worthy, most beloved and fine
Thou, beloved country mine!

Descendants of gods, O sons of gods
For thee forever we pray
Altough I wandered far
My heart enshrines thee yet
Lift up thou head to the sun
March on to glory!

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