The Unified Hurian Federation, also known as the Hurian Federation, the UHF, or simply as Huria, is a major interstellar power based largely on Dunia, but with its main focus on its many interstellar colonies. Huria consists of the majority of Dunia's landmass, which extend from its own island of Huria, to Africa, Russia, parts of China and Central America. Huria has a population of 908 million citizens and civilians, a distinction between the two groups being those who are considered "true Hurians" and those who are considered "resident Hurians".

Since its development of interstellar space flight technology in 2057, Huria has grown to include several extrasolar planets. The entire federation is governed as a stratocracy, where the state and the military are one in the same. Applying military life to that of civilian life several decades in the past has since resulted in Huria becoming one of the most powerful nations in human history, though a cold war with the other nations on Earth resulted in Huria be isolated from the rest of the political world. Huria today is the most power politically, socially, militarily, and economically sound nation known.

With a total of some two dozen worlds under its control and growing, Huria is molding itself quickly into a regional power, having already encountered a number of species which view the small but increasingly powerful nation with animosity and cautiousness. With the transformation of the True Hurians into transhumans, the nation's military might is quickly becoming difficult to ignore.




Administrative divisions

Law and justice

Foreign relations





Science and technology






Art and media



List of Hurian planets

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