The Union Party of Georgeland is a minor Georgeland political party, created in 2004 after the demise of the Labour Party. Its founder was former Speaker of the House of Commons Janet Morris, who founded her party after refusing to accept her party's wholesale 'defection' to the Liberal Democrats. Morris was the party's lone federal MP from 2004 until 2005, when she lost her seat.

The Union Party professed to be Labour's successor, advocating the traditional trade-union friendly policies Labour had. However, its electoral success was extremely minimal. It subsequently lost its few state members in various elections; it no longer has any representation at the state or federal level, though there are four local councillors nation-wide that claim membership. Morris herself resigned from the party's leadership in 2005 after the election. The party's national spokesman is now Fred Hale; the party is not expected to recover electorally.

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