Union of North Atlantic American States
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Anthem: '

Territorial Map of the UNASA
Capital. New Albany, New York State
Largest City. Hudson City, New York State
Official languages English
Recognized regional languages Iroquoian
Demonym Atlantian
Plural Atlantians

 - President
Federal Constitutional Republic
Staci Dakota-Keyes
 - United States of America
 - Atlantic Union

July 4, 1776
 - Total

sq mi
 - YEAR census

 - Total
 - Per capita
GDP (nominal)
 - Total
 - Per capita
HDI (YEAR) Green Arrow Up Darker .HDI(high) (RANK)
Dollar ($)
Drives on the Right
Internet TLD
Calling code +1

The Union of North Atlantic States of America also known as the Atlantic Union is a nation located in the former New England region of the former United States of America. The Atlantic Union has a population of 3,767,000 people. Its capital is New Albany in the state of New York and its current President is Staci Dakota-Keyes. The UNASA consists of four states, New York, New Pennsylvania, New England and Niagara.


The Atlantic Union declared formation in YEAR following over two decades of reorganization of survivors and establishment of new living areas. In YEAR, the city of New Albany had been cleaned up and rebuilt, consisting of the former city of Albany, former capital of New York state and the former counties of Albany, Schenectady and Rensselaer. Other survivor camps united in YEAR which had formed Hudson City in the former Dutchess, Orange and Putnam counties of New York state. Smaller surviving towns formed in Massachusetts, Ontario, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.


The Atlantic Union is a federal constitutional republic, like the former United States, containing three federal level branches of government, the executive, legislative and judicial. The executive branch is led by the President, an elected official, chosen for a five year term, and his appointed Cabinet, the Secretaries of each federal Department. The President may be elected to unlimited terms of five years each term. The legislative branch is divided between the Congress and the Senate, with officials known as Congressmen and Senators, who are elected to their positions. The Judicial branch consists of 11 Justices, each a judge also elected to their positions.


The Atlantic Union political landscape is divided by a party system, like the former United States. The current party in power is the Democratic Liberal Party, which has maintained a party member in the Presidency for nearly ten Presidential terms. The DLP is the largest party in the Atlantic Union and the successor to the United States' Democratic Party. The next largest party is the Independence Party, a Libertarian oriented political group. A less popular party is the Republican Party, a conservative political group led by mostly Christian religious members. The Republicans are the successors to the United States' GOP Republican Party.



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