United Alliance of Planets

The Alliance
Flag Coat of arms
Motto: Unification and Fraternity
Capital Britannia (Political)
Wushan (Cultural)
Official languages Japanese, Chinese Traditional, English
Recognised regional languages Hindi, Arabic, Hebrew, Malay, Russian, Spanish, Portguese, Turkish, French
Government Authoritarian Parliamentary Democracy
Legislature Alliance Parliament
House of Lords
House of Planets
Currency Alliance Credit (Official)
Shilling (Unofficial)
The United Alliance of Planets, or commonly known as 'The Alliance', is a the continuum-wide authoritarian super-government, that controls the entire universe known to humanity, known as the Continuum. Often referred to as the Anglo-Sino Alliance, it governs a multi-cultural, multi-lingual society over a total 37 planets, and a further 77 moons.

The Alliance is often considered nothing less than a brutal corporocracy, however sometimes seen as the beacon of civilisation in an uncertain world, if you believe the propaganda that is.

The United Alliance has several subject nations which have been granted regional administrations over some parts of the continuum, due to the Alliance's immense territory, and focuses its influence on the Capital planets in the Bai Hui System, (the White Sun System), the worlds first colonised by Earth-That-Was's powers of the 22nd century, the United Kingdom, United States, Japan, China and Brazil, while the Outer Planets, which had less of the Alliance's focus are much less developed. 


The United Alliance of Planets offficially has three joint capitals, Britannia is the political and educational capital, Wushan is the business capital, and Delphine is the Law and Justice capital.


The United Alliance of Planets is officially a Parliamentary Republic, as the propaganda states, but in reality, the Alliance is a Authoritarian Parliamentary Corporcracy. 

The Alliance is lead by a Chancellor, and a subordinate Vice Chancellor, while the Legislature is the bicameral parliament of the Alliance. The upper house being the House of Planets and the lower The Upper House, is made up of two 'elected' officials from each of the 37 planets, while the Lower House is made up of two 'elected' representatives from the lesser 77 moons. 

Law and Justice

Regional Administrations