The United Federation of Humanity (Commonly the Human Federation or the UFH; Latin: Foederatio Unito Humanitas) is a federation of all humans located in the Milky Way Galaxy. The federation consists of seventy nine systems, forty nine colony systems, and two Federal Planets (Earth and Terra Nova). The federation has a population of 65 billion, and is officially recognized by the Intergalactic Union. The Federation was formed on July 7th, 2047, under the Second Geneva Convention. The Human Federation established its first colony in 2086, the Luna Colony, which is currently a registered moon in the Sol System. Humans found solid evidence of alien civilization on December 18th, 2094 on Jupiter's moon of Europa. The evidence was a large collection of decrepit buildings, and this founding shattered all common religions to humans. The United Federation of Humans is a unitary federation consisting of registered planets, systems, and colonies. All systems are granted two seats on the Parliament. All planets receive five representatives because of their size, and all colonies receive one. Parties are illegal in the Human Federation. The Senate is the legislative entity in which all political subdivisions receive three delegates. The Chairmember of the Parliament is currently Daniel Van de Merwe of South Africa, and the President of the Senate is Juan Esparza of Mexico. The ceremonial head of government is Queen Elizabeth IV, and the official head of state is Prime Minister Mihai-Răzvan Ungureanu.

The Human Federation is one of the most unique members of the Intergalactic Union, and many extraterrestrials have studied large sections of human body science. The Intergalactic Union views the human qualities of free thought and anti-empiricism as extremely unique, and therefore, the humans are one of the most valued members of the Union. While the Humans are the smallest in size, they continue to grow in space recognized as their territory in the Convention at Centurius on the Designation of Intergalactically Recognized Human Space. Humans are the most genetically diverse species in the galaxy, and the cause of this still is unknown to the Intergalactic Union. The Human Federation is recognized by the twenty nine members of the Union.


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