The UNP is an Argentocracy. It is between north and south Medonia.

The United Nation of Paledonia
Ghrean: Pilash-Riashá (Good-Land)
Paledonia, UNP
Motto: United we Stand
Anthem: Fight to Freedom
A political map of the Paledonian region. Red is Paledonia.
National Language(s): Hanean
Regional Language(s): Ghrean (from South Medonia)
Demonym: Paledonian

 - Total:
 - Land:
 - Water:

81,290 km2
80,900 km2
390 km2
 - Total Population:



The Paledonian govermnent is an Argentocracy largely controlled by buisness. Despite it's extreme reliance on large companies for funds, the government is very powerful.

Citizen happiness is of relatively low concern, unless when convenient. Guards and other enforcers are sent in in times of protest, even when peaceful.



Khresean Trip

The area currently currently inhabited by the UNP was previously never inhabited by humans. That changed in 98CT when a storm set a trade ship far off course. They landed in present-day Khreasea.

They were stranded, and formed a settlement later named after their ship (Khrease). It took multiple years for the the settlement to make contact with the homeland. But, when they did, it enroused further exploration.

Further Exploration

By 110CT, more and more of the region around Khresia was being settled and explored. Meanwhile, the settlements grew. By 170, almost 10,000km2 was settled and mapped.

An advancement in aerodynamic boats led to increased travel speed, and by 200 over 100,000km2 was explored.


In 209CT, a bill was written which proposed unity of the Paledonian region, instead of being hundreds of individual city governments.

In each city a counsole was held to decide on the matter, with all citizens allowed to vote. By 212, a government strong enough to survive was established.

Counsole Result By Years

Year 209 210 211 212 213
Cities entered 12 92 124 137 141
Cities affected by counsole 13 96 135 157 164

Massacre of Noranaz

Main Article: Massacre of Noranaz (Renala)

In 947 CT, prices in Noranaz were rising without wages fitting the new prices. On a large scale, there was more and more protest.

This was met by government hostility, as police were killing many. Later, when the military arrived, no one was allowed to leave the city. Protesters and other citizens are forced to meet the police force unarmed. As a result, almost 5000 citizens die.

Buisness-Controlled Laws

Beyond 1220CT, the majority of all laws passed are influenced heavily by large Companies. Such laws care little about common welfare, and often harm citizens as a result.

The Food-Value Act

The food-value act was an act 'sponsored' by the PFF. The act was to lift the price floor on food to twice it was previously. The reason the PFF wanted the act to be passed is largely the fact that competitors had lower prices and didn't want to lower their own.

Within a month, the bill passed. As a result, most food was too high priced for most people to afford, putting over half a million in poverty.

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