In June 2012 the government of the Northern Coalition collapsed for internal reasons not released to the public, although it is widely speculated that an unsuccessful coup destabilised the government, and it was imploded. The collapse caused widespread riots, including looting and acts of violence, by this time the United Republic had taken control of the remainder of Canada's military instillations, and responded to violence spilling over the border by mobilising troops into the former country, taking control of security forces, and some military instillations. The main mission was to quelle riots and unrest, but the invasion ultimately ended in the ocucpation after the aquisition of the former Northern Coalition's assets and military forces.

The Northern Coalition was renamed British America and incorporated into the United Republic in December 2012 as a devolved administration. There has been much criticism for the UR's actions, some claiming that it was revenge for the civil war, even though the United Republic has stated that British America can leave the union if they wish.

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